The interior of your home can be a way of development, self-expression, and self-affirmation.

People, by their nature, constantly strive for a sense of novelty and change. The mind needs reflection, and to the eye – all the beauty and singularity of the natural, and created by man on Earth, the material world, outstanding works of architecture and interior. And the one and the other people cannot get enough. From these aspirations, distant and close trips arose, developing the creative abilities of the individual, and the need for periodic renewal of his home.

The conditions for life, work, and leisure, the walls surrounding us (colored, white, stone or brick), the shape and comfort of furniture, paintings, mirrors, plants, lovely trinkets play a huge role in the formation of every person from his birth to old age.

Creating an interior

A complex process, some details, and pitfalls of which are familiar to everyone who has at least once tried to repair and original furnish the premises of his apartment. But it’s one thing without the designer’s help to make cosmetic repairs in a small room, and quite another when it’s necessary to create an interior – refined, comfortable and seasoned in one style, especially in large spaces of new apartments and individual houses.

To equip life in a new apartment or house so that it plays with all the colors of harmony and joy is not an easy task. Most often, the owner imagines how the ideal apartment or house for him should look like in general – but details! Dozens of big and small nuances that create a common wonderful image are difficult to keep in your head and concretize without being an expert.

And such a specialist is – it’s an interior designer.

In our design studio, designers use the most advanced finishing materials and techniques, because this profession is similar to the artist’s work, only he will help to combine forms, colors and topical technologies into a single picture, find the right balance between uniqueness and versatility, and in the brightest fantasies consider rational meaning. And more importantly, the participation of a professional and technically competent designer at all stages of the project relieves the customer from further costly trial and error.

  • Individual approach to every customer
  • Professionalism, a wide choice of styles of interiors, uniqueness of the project
  • High-quality and detailed 3d visualization of the interior
  • Functionality of spatial solutions, consideration of ergonomic requirements
  • Ability to use various techniques for interior design (including artistic wall painting)
  • Technological and engineering competence
  • Optimal prices for services implemented in complex packages for different categories of customers

Designer Ilona Semkina

Fashionable modern people need fashionable living spaces.

To create an exceptionally stylish interior of the living room, designers think through every detail, including color solutions and furniture arrangement.

Style curtains and upholstery ideas, flooring type and lighting options ….
We will take care of everything from concept development to its full implementation.
We work in modern style, modern classics and minimalism.
We realize your project, taking into account your wishes and features of the task.
And each new project is a new story and a new life!


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