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Dry Cleaning Curtains


Curtains need dry cleaning every 9-12 months because of the danger of dust and dust mite causing allergies. Also, it is necessary to consider the peculiarities inherent in various types of fabrics and fittings, which require delicate care, so as not to lose their original appearance. However, in view of the complexity and the necessary knowledge to implement this process, we suggest that you only admire the beauty of your textiles, the preservation of the quality of which we undertake. After we complete the implementation of your project, a time limit is determined, in accordance with the rules of care, dry cleaning should be carried out. We have a professional team with all the skills to care for fabrics and the necessary equipment, providing a mobile dry-cleaning service.

In addition to dry cleaning curtains, we also offer this service for carpets and carpets, upholstered furniture, bedspreads, and pillows.

We understand how important it is not only to preserve the original beauty of textiles in your interior, but also to take care of your health. That is why we emphasize the importance and the need for timely and competent cleaning of textiles in the gentlest way, minimizing the use of all chemical reagents. In most cases, we try to disinfect your textiles with the help of special professional equipment and the application of technology and water treatment with high-temperature steam treatment.

Care of curtains:

  • Curtains help to create a coziness

Timely professional care of your textile products will save you from these unpleasant parasites and will preserve health for you and your loved ones. And We are happy to help you in solving this important problem. Cleaning curtains are not cheap pleasure, but so necessary for your health, comfort. 

  • Dry cleaning of curtains, curtains

One of the important elements of the interior are curtains and curtains, they decorate and give a special look to the room, bedroom, office and so on. That is why dry-cleaning curtains, curtains are so necessary, and in recent times and very popular.
For today you can afford to choose curtains and curtains among a huge assortment of models, different styles, colors, material or you can sew custom-made curtains. After a while, all the curtains collect a lot of dust on themselves and become like already large pieces of not very neat material that just covers the window. And then the housewives decide on their own to wash their curtains or curtains in the washing machine. But here you need to understand that not all curtains can be cleaned with a washing machine. Since most curtains and curtains after getting into the washing machine permanently get deformed tissues. That’s why we offer a service – cleaning and dry-cleaning curtains, curtains. After all, the dry cleaning of curtains is only possible for professionals, this service will clear your blinds from dust while preserving the old look of the product.
Thanks to our masters you will save your money, time and, most importantly, the nervous system. All cares will be taken by our specialists.
Dry cleaning-cleaning of curtains takes place individually with respect to each curtain, depending on the type of fabric. One of the popular types of cleaning curtains is – vacuum dry-cleaning.
We also offer you a service – cleaning curtains, curtains on the weight. This is the case if the curtains cannot be removed from the eaves. Dry cleaning on weight – fast, mobile and simple. Cleaning of curtains takes place in this order: first, a specialist determines the type of material, then a test is done, which tests the reaction of the fabric to the solvent. Next, curtains are prepared for the following works, and after the most important – dry cleaning curtains.

We offer you a pleasant combination of price and quality of work.


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